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Tiger's Eye Brow Studio is Denver's best microblading studio, located at 10th and Lincoln in the heart of beautiful Capitol Hill, Denver. Our cosmetic tattooing expert specializes in giving clients the most natural-looking permanent makeup treatments possible. When you visit Tiger's Eye Brow Studio, we'll focus on making sure that you feel as confident, pampered and beautiful as possible -- which means the people who visit the studio leave feeling empowered, radiant and proud of their natural beauty.

Our Services

At Tiger's Eye Brow Studio, we use the newest and most advanced techniques in the cosmetic tattooing industry to help naturally enhance the beauty of the face.

Eyebrow microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique that is used to give people the appearance of fuller eyebrows,while maintaining a natural shape. The treatment can fill in thin or misshapen eyebrows, and can add a darker effect for someone that feels their brows are too light.

Microblading can be used to enhance beauty and create fuller eyebrows, and it can also make life more convenient. When your eyebrows are microbladed, you don't have to worry about spending hours in front of the mirror each morning doing your makeup -- simply roll out of bed and you're ready to go.

Why Choose Tiger's Eye Brow Studio for Microblading

If you want to easily enhance the natural beauty of your face, there's no better studio to visit in Denver than Tiger's Eye Brow Studio. One reason that our studio stands out among competitors is that we have one focus: microblading eyebrows. Studio owner Sara Studzinski studied at Phi Brows, the best microblading school in the world. Tiger's Eye Brow Studio focuses on providing exceptional microblading services so our artist is never distracted or stretched thin.

We are located at 1045 Lincoln Street, Denver inside the cute green building! Please walk up the red stairs, and find Tiger's Eye on the code box to the right of the door. I will then buzz you in or come to the door to grab you!